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Shame As House of Representative Member Of Isoko North LGA Street, remains Bad and Spoilt

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Shame As House of Representative Member Of Isoko North LGA Street, remains Bad and Spoilt

The Above Pictures is a street of one of the most prominent and politically influential man in Isoko North,

During Ozorogist visit to the same spot, Our reporters got to know from an indigine staying in same street who says
This man Has been in the House Of Representative for more than 15years, He Is no other person than Leo Ogor.

This Road Has Been Like this for more than 5years, infact the condition of the road gets worse on daily basis expecially during the raining season, infact there have been many occasions that cars get stuck/buried inside this bad road, many okada riders have marked this road ” no go area”, because of the situation of the road.

Ozorogist gathered that It is not even the condition of the road that baffled people within the area but the fact that Leo Ogor(current house of Representatives member) house is in this same street and very close to this bad spot if not exactly at the spot.

This problem has raised the question of “how are this so called leaders representing us up there” when ordinary road/street that leads to your house can swallow a NEPA Pole, what happened to the saying that says “charity begins at Home”.

If you can’t do this Little thing that will benefit both yourself and the public, How will someone like that represents the interest of the people.

In Conclusion People with a big heart, that have the interest of the people at hand should be allowed to rule or represent the people.

Source: Concern Indigine & Student.

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