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(Day 6) Origin Of Rag Day – Student Week In Dspz



rag day

The celebration of student week in delta state poly ozoro, Day 6 present rag day.

Rag day have been one of the most important way to gathered money by most student in nigeria tatiary institution.

Rag day in Nigeria institutions occur once in a year, Many Institutions in around Nigeria specialized a day for rag day and have become the habit of the student to make it fun or fund raising.


Many student who rag today have no knowledge or origin and the cause of ragging in African or most institutions in the world.

The origin of ragging start from Victorian era where student collect rag to clothes the poor.
They go out to the society and raise fund by dancing and collecting money from the society and bring everything together and give to the poor, Rag is also know as Charities Campaigns, Charity Appeals, Charity Committees, Jool or Karnivals, but they all share many attributes.

The first African country to emits ragging was south African in the University of Pretoria in year 1925. It is referred to as “The Procession” and is still carried out today.

Rag day are mostly meant for fresher in tertiary institutions and it the best way to Raise money for theirselve while it just fun to other Student, some student involve

But what does “Rag Day” mean to the Nigerian student community? Let me describe a typical Rag Day scenario in Nigeria….
If you are a lover of movies, especially the ones produced from this side of the globe (haba! Nollywood…must I say everything?), then this description should fit into one of those movies intended to make people laugh, only that this one isn’t funny at all.
It starts on a very fine morning, as you walk out of your house (going in search of your daily bread, of course), and behold, you sight this group of crazy youths walking towards you, armed with metal tin cans (a.k.a. kom-kom), filled with coins which they shake as they approach you smiling and laughing.
Your first thoughts would be to run back into your room and shut the doors tight so you don’t get mobbed by these “mad” men. But just then, you realize what is actually happening. These are not madmen. They are not crazy at all. These are students from the nearby university; of course, it’s another Rag Day!

Rag Day or Rag activities is a voluntary charity work in the form of fund-raising campaigns for the less privileged people in our society by Nigerian higher institutions.
‘Ragging’, as students like to call it in Nigeria, is usually part of the Student Union week when students, especially the newly admitted ones, adorn rags or dress in a less sensible manner and storm the streets in a bid to raise funds for charity.

Over time, the concept of “charity” has been erased from the exercise as “rag day” has now become a day in which Nigerian students are “permitted” officially to extort money from the general public. Monies realized are not submitted to appropriate authorities as there are no laid out structure of ensuring that the students are accountable for the donations they have received. But how did we come to this point?

A student once say , “I remember when I was young and my elder siblings in the university used to tell me about rag day, emphasizing that its aim is to help the poor and needy. And then I couldn’t wait to experience it. But now, it’s just a shame that the original purpose of this event has faded away.”
Students who go out for ragging don’t do so with charity in mind anymore. Rather, they do so in a bid to enrich themselves. Even persons who are not students “join the queue” because its purpose has been defeated. It is now deemed to be a highly “lucrative” venture. That is why you see a final year student who is supposed to be in school concentrating on his academic work, out there on the streets in the name of ragging.
What is the true meaning of Rag Day? Has its original meaning been lost? Do you think its time to “take off the rags” from our tertiary institutions? Please drop your comments below.

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POS Buisness Operator Taking Over First Bank Atm In Ozoro



Letter to firstbank Nigeria

Ozorogist have alot of complain from indigine/Student And everyone who find thier way to First bank Atm in Ozoro.

We don’t have much to write about than telling you how the bank have been treating the indigine and student staying in Ozoro.

When all the atm is dispensing cash, we notice the bank will lock all the atm and leave only one

Sometimes the will lock the only Atm that’s dispensing and umlock the one that was unable To dispense Cash.

The real Cause of this situation is not about anything but

    The People that Operate POS machine around the bank


Our Reporters visit the bank and a student who’s popular knw in the campus attend to us and says

They knw the student and indigine have no other choice than to use the withdraw using POS, they use it as thier buisness and cooperate with the bank so enough profit comes daily and they share with those working in the bank

The POS business women and man charge #200 per #1000 you withdraw.

If you withdraw #10,000 the will only give you #8,000 or sometime give you #9,000

We are not just fighting but it our right to let the general manager of First bank to interfare on this matter and make sure everything is put to other.

Let’s stop using taking advance of the student because we are the leader of tomorrow – by A concern Delta Student.

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How To Apply For Desopadec Bursary And Scholarship Program



DESOPADEC Bursary and Scholarships Program for undergraduate from Delta State, Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (DESOPADEC), DESOPADEC Bursary and Scholarships Program Application Portal now opened for candidates either be in Second year or above (200 to 500 level) in the Universities or Be in ND II, HND I and HND II in the Polytechnics/Monotechnics and Have a CGPA of 2.20 and above in the previous academic year’s examination

Who can apply for DESOPADEC Bursary and Scholarships Program?

Applications must come from DESOPADEC mandate area. That is, they must be Ijaw, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Isoko and Ndokwa.

They must be Students currently in School either University or Polytechnic in Nigeria

They must be from 200 Level and above and

They must be full time University or Polytechnic Undergraduates in Nigeria

All candidates underneath 18 years old MUST submit JAMB registration number.

All candidates above 18 years old MUST have enrolled with National Identification Management Commission (NIMC).

Please note that Masters and PhD Students are not qualified

How to apply for DESOPADEC
Bursary and Scholarships Program

1. Apply/register via

2. To apply you must upload the following documents via online:
A recent Passport Photograph
Student ID card
Letter of Admission
Local Government of Origin Identification Certificate
A letter of Identification from Student Union Chapter President of their Ethnic Nationality

1. Please note that: The documents must be in .jpg format and should not exceed 1MB each.

2. If you already have your login details, click login instead.

We wish you better.

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Okere- Urhobo Leaders To Okowa: HRM Okpeki 11 Is Authentic King Of Okere- Urhobo Kingdom



Accordinly to the post on urhobo website

Leaders of Okere Urhobo Kingdom Warri have stated their position clear that there is no going back on HRH Barrister Christopher Okumagba Okpeki 11 as the Oroseun (King) of the Kingdom since he “Is still the rightful and lawfully selected and appointed Oroseun (King) of Okere Urhobo Kingdom whose process was submitted to the Delta State Government since September 2017 and still pending with the Government”
They therefore argued that since five of the Nine Kingmakers spread across the three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu participated in his selection and appointment process which had the blessing of the Okpako Orere ( Oldest man) of the Kingdom as laid down by the Native Law and Custom of Okere Urhobo Kingdom” We urge the Delta State Government to properly look into the said process and grant staff of Office to His Royal Highness Barrister Christopher Okumagba as Okpeki 11″
They therefore advised Senator Dr, Ifeanyi Okowa Governor of Delta State to handle the Oroseunship ( Kingship) of the Kingdom with utmost care by avoiding those who are not legally related to the matter.
Rather, according to them, this time around he should follow due process as laid down by the Custom and Tradition of the Kingdom.
The Leaders warned that, the Governor and Government of Delta State should be ” weary” of the activities of Chief Wilson O Eboh who is parading himself as the Regent of the Kingdom since according to them the Title Regent is “Alien” to the Kingdom so also the title of ” Statutory Kingmakers” As well.
In a Letter sent to His Execellency, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa Governor of Delta State signed by Apostle Isaac.M.Eraivor, The Okpako Orere( Oldest man) of Okere Urhobo Kingdom and Head Of The Three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu and PA Churchill.O.Oki ( JP) for Sohworubve Ruling House for and on behalf of Okere Urhobo Kingdom , expressed bitterness over what they described as the ” wrongful” presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba” whose appointment process was rift with several irregularities” as against” HRH, Barrister Christopher Okumagba,Okpeki 11, whose selection process was in accordance with the Native Law and Custom of Okere Urhobo Kingdom with the participation of the joint three Ruling Houses”
Justifying their call on the Governor to reprimand Chief Wilson Eboh by calling him to order the Leaders went into memory lane and explained that the” Wrongful” presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba was championed by him and at the same time ” He is at it again by trying to mislead the Delta State Officials and members of the general public” Tthrough the media by claiming that he is the ” Regent” of the Kingdom so that he and his cohorts can install a new Oroseun by October 2019 without the participation of the Okpako Orere and the Heads of the three Ruling Houses who are the rightful and legitimate people to select,appoint and crown a new Oroseun.
The Leaders while calling on Governor Okowa not close his eyes against the many alleged atrocities committed by Chief Wilson Eboh against the Kingdom as not only asserting himself as a ” Regent” He personally selected ” Four Selected Kingmakers all from one Ruling House of Idama as Statutory Kingmakers” While challenging him to prove the law that gave him such power.He was also allegedl to have breached the mandatory three months mourning period for Royal Monarch ” Without regard to the Tradition of our kingdom made public the passing on of PROF PAUL OKUMAGBA”
They concluded by stressing that the wrongful presentation of staff of Office to Professor Paul Okumagba has led to instituting a lot of cases pending in the courts.More worrisome according to them is the threat by Chief Wilson Eboh to commence the installation of a new Oroseun ( King) by October 2019 without the” consent and approval”Of the Heads of the three Ruling Houses.”
They therefore draw the attention of Governor Okowa to the fact that Chief Eboh actions are subjudice as a result of cases in courts relating to the Oroseunship which may likely cause fracas and breach of the fragile peace not only in the Kingdom but in the entire Warri and it’s environs.
It will be recalled that His Royal Highness Barrister Christopher Okumagba was selected and appointed as Okpeki 11 of Okere Urhobo Kingdom by five of the Nine Kingmakers spread across the three Ruling Houses of Idama Sohworubve and Owhotemu with the blessing and backing of the Okpako Orere since September 2017. The process was submitted to the Delta State Government and still pending in Asaba.

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