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Macaulay’s Emergence As Ovie-Elect Of Ewu Kingdom Was Keenly Contested- Prince Onemu

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Macaulay’s Emergence As Ovie-Elect Of Ewu Kingdom Was Keenly Contested- Prince Onemu

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contestant in the Ewu Kingdom and descendant of the Ekade Ruling House, Prince Felix Onemu, has urged the King Makers of Ewu Kingdom, the Ahavwa and the general public to ignore the calls being made by one Prince Fidelis Oghoredafe that the Ovie-elect of Ewu Kingdom, Chief Gabrel Owhodje Macaulay should not be crowned based on errorneous and misleading claims.
Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay emerged as Ovie-elect of Ewu Kingdom in a keenly contested exercise carried out by the Ekade Ruling House, where six Candidates who duly procured Expression of Interests Forms out of about sixteen persons that initially indicated interests in the royal race, where screened on April 26, 2021, which is being challenged three weeks after the exercise that has been on since late last year.
Prince Onemu described the Prince Oghoredafe’s allegations of marginalization of the Aro Kindred within the Ekade Ruling House as baseless and unnecessary, saying that the emergence of Chief Macaulay brings equity to the Ekade Ruling House as the current Ovie-elect is of the Aro Kindred. “Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay is a grandson of Odion in Ovwighoadua Family of Aro Kindred in the Ekade Ruling House,” he said.
“It is true, just like Prince Oghoredafe said, that the kingship of Ewu Kingdom belongs to three Ruling Houses like the Emokpor, Ugwhueruvwe and Ekade where the Ahavwa are the kingmakers,” Prince Onemu said, adding that “it is also true that among Ebeje, Ovuerayen, Aredjor and Aro which are the four kindreds of the Ekade Ruling House, it is only the Aro Kindred that is yet to produce a king, but that is exactly what has just happened to balance the equation now.”
He clarified that the Ovie-elect, Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay who is from the Aro Kindred of the Ekade Ruling House, was thoroughly screened and confirmed fit after satisfactorily fulfilling all requirements of both the Ekade Ruling House and that of the entire Ewu Kingdom hence he was widely accepted and formally presented before the king makers after his emergence in the public screening exercise, to be crowned.
Prince Onemu described the media outcry of Prince Oghoredafe as a calculated attempt to draw the entire Ewu Kingdom backward and have the people continue to suffer what they have been suffering in the last four years in which the King’s Stool has been vacant.
The visibly angry Prince Onemu rhetorically querried “where was Prince Oghoredafe and his so-called candidate, Prince Bernard Awarieta, since the real race for the kingship started about three years ago up till the time forms were bought by candidates, filled, returned and screening done? If they consider themselves as stakeholders in the Ekade Ruling House, why did they never come up with any objections since the processes were going on? Why wait for a whole three weeks after an Ovie-elect has emerged before coming up to say what they are saying now.”
He categorically declared that of the six candidates that contested for the kingship in the Ekade Ruling House, the name of Prince Bernard Awarieta has never featured as an interested person not to talk of buying form, “so where has he been contesting his kingship race?” he querried.
While practically waving aside the claims being made by Prince Oghoredafe, Prince Onemu noted that the Ahavwa not only know the right thing to do, but should brush aside the “unfounded, misleading and unnecessary agitations from those detractors and consequently coronate the Ovie-elect, Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay.”
Speaking further, Prince Onemu declared that the entire people of Ekade Ruling House would vehemently reject any attempt to subvert the collective will of the people that has been visibly displayed at the screening exercise of April 26, “where we all chose our Ovie-elect in the person of Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay, who we have also formally presented to the king makers for crowning” he said.
“I Prince Onemu is a candidate in the Ekade royal race and I can state without fear or favour that the leadership of Ekade did the most thorough and credible exercise, which the rest five of us in the race we’re satisfied with and promptly gratulated Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay who emerged the Ovie-elect,” Prince Onemu stated.

Meanwhile, the six persons from the Ekade Ruling House that purchased the Expression of Interests Form for the royal race, including Prince Ziregbe Charles Ahwaritoma, Mr. Ize Sunday Amrohwovworiemure, Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay, Prince Felix Onemu, Mr. Macaulay Omohaefe Benson and Mr. Obaro Paul Hitler, have all congratulated the Ovie-elect.

Of the six candidates, three of them including Chief Gabriel Ohwodje Macaulay, Mr. Macaulay Omohaefe Benson and Mr. Obaro Paul Hitler are of the Aro Kindred in the Ekade Ruling House.

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