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Fact About 3-4 Month IT (Siwest) for Polytechnic Student



Fact About 3-4 Month IT (Siwest) for Polytechnic Student

The students of delta state polytechnic ozoro have started their Four month Industrial Training at various location.

Ozorogist gather little information about how wide some student in Delta state polytechnic goes just to get paid From Company during their four month IT (Siwest).

Most student think IT was to gain to their pocket but with our writeup the student will understand reason why every poly required Siwest.

1. Practical Purpose: Polytechnic are know to be the best in Nigeria institution where both theory and practical are handled, If you’re a graduate of Polytechnic and you can put what you study to practice, it means you pass through poly and wasted a lot of effort. Delta state polytechnic ozoro is well base on practical and it boost the brain of student technically.

2. Self Confidence – A polytechnic graduate without self confidence should be ask how he/she spend his education life in school and where such student did his/her IT (Siwest). There was a guy we meet in bet9ja shop who study computer Science in one Nigeria polytechnic and the best place for him to go for Four month IT (Siwest) was Bet9ja shop, we’re surprise and keep wonder how such student will be self confidence about his field of study.

Employment – we interview some student from various department eg, SLT, computer engineering, Agric tech, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

A student from SLT send her IT letter to a laboratory and was approve, agric tech student doing his IT in agricultural village where animals and crop are been produce, We meet a mechanical Engineering Student at one Ozoro Road Side mechanical where he keep practicing his IT. Those set of people have already create Employment opportunity for themself and those student even pay their boss while the lazy student submit their letter to where they will be paid.

Industry training was not meant to enriched your pocket but to enrich your brain with your field of work.

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Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro Suspend Academic Activities



The management of Delta state Polytechnic Ozoro today finally released the long awaited memo effecting the temporary closure of all academic activities in regards to the directives by the Federal and State governments.

The recent CORONAVIRUS outbreat in the country have gain everyone attention and the best way to avoid spreading of this virus is to stay indoor.

The government announce through the ministry of Health and ministry of education to safeguard the health of everyone living in Delta State.

But one thing remains unclear, according to the memo, exams are to kick off two days after resumption.

The question on Everyone’s mind is When is this resumption?

Is it when the Federal/state government allows Institutions to resume academic activities or the school resumption date of April 27 2020 ?.

We hope to get clear information on the matter in the coming days.


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Dspz Sug President Leads Students on a Non-Violent Protest



Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro Sug President Comrade Gabriel lead a peaceful and Non-Violent Protest against the polytechnic new imposed law.

The polytechnic authority put a ban on the students of the institution prohibiting them from bringing thier cars and motorcycles into the campus.

We got first hand information with videos and photos from our ground team who where on the scene as it all unfolded in the early hours of today where the students of the polytechnic refused to take lectures and shut down all activities within and around the institution stating that the protests will go on untill the laws are reviewed and averted.

The students are angry that these laws prevents only them from bringing their vehicles to campus meanwhile all the staffs of the school are allowed to bring their vehicles in. There is no institution in Nigeria that prevents students from bringing their vehicles on campus, then why is it the here things are different.

Check the photos and videos below.

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Meet DSPZ female graduate who choose to start her carreer in a welding workshop



You study Engineer and still unemployed???

If a lady can do such work pls as a guy what excuse did you have.

Her name is menemu augusta, she finished her National diploma at Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro in department of Mechanical engineer in year 2019

She’s from bayelsa and certified engineer.

She’s hard working and don’t telorate laziness

Ozorogist interview her on WhatsApp and she briefly mentioned how she comes to this level of her life as a female Welder.

She mentioned her dad was the one that advices her to choose welding and she key into her dad advice, Although she was shy at first but she make it happen and it already in joy.

We ask her if any ozoro lecturer add to her success and we glad she mentioned one faithful and generous Mechanical engineer lecturer Mr Obodo George.

She said : Yes MR OBODO GEORGE even if we never sat down in discussing it but he impacted alot to me through my lectures he’s a good man.

You’re not complete if you study Engineering and can’t perform any of your duty as a certified Engineer

We wish her success in life and advice everyone to be more concern about thier field of study and make good impact into practical for future purpose.

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