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ChikaRaw House Of Comedy – Casket Marketer Episode 10



Download ChikaRaw house of comedy video Episode 10 – Casket Marketer.

This video featured Mc Correction and was wow super funny.

Watch and enjoy.

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(Video) Full Details about Dspz 4 Vs 3 Dspo | Track Event And Jersey Day For Student Week Dspz Stadium



The Delta State Poly Ozoro Student week Still going and it was with a great history and new dimension that have never been celebrated.

Student week and hosting Football competition and track Event By Ozoro Poly Sug Official, proudly done in Respect to the formal Governor and political God father of Delta State Chief James Onanefe Ibori the OgidiGbogbo 1 of African And Respect To the formal Rector Doctor Obore who build the biggest Institutions Stadium in West African located in Ozoro Poly Delta state.

The event was covered By Social Sport Direction,Ozoro Sug Official, OgwaShi-Uku Sug President, Otefe Oghara Sug and sport Diretor, Alot of delta Sate Governnent official, Isoki Local Government Official Some news men all over the state and bloggers from the institutions and in Ozoro were present eg Yabamusic & Ozorogist

The event Was about Football Competition and Track Event between the three polytechnic in Delta State.

The event was opened by The Delta State poly Ozoro Sug President Comrade Wiska Anthony Akpojotor. You can watch the video below.

Dspz Team


After the successful Welcome message the track event was the first to start at the Ozoro stadium Track event.

Check below video for the 100meters and 200meters winner

First video was winner of the 200meters

Second video for 100meter

The football match was about to start while the two football team match to the Field. The competition was between the Delta State Poly Ozoro and Delta State poly Otefe Oghara DSPZ VS DSPO.

Video below

The football match start between Ozoro And Otefe Oghara, it was hot between both team and suddenly the lord of football favour Otefe Oghara with a wonderful goal.

Watch video below

The football now interesting after the first goal from otefe, the Ozoro are now playing with their full strength and it was wow a goal.

Check the celebration of their first goal


Then the field become hot for both team and they ended first half with draw 2-2

The Event start again with track event really 4*400 which the dela state poly Win both Second and third while ogwashi – uku win Third.

The event was so tremendous with a lot of fun and comedy from the MC’s and the DJ was not left out.

The second half began with accurate passing form ozoro boys which with a new formation, playing defence and attack same time, lord of football answer their prayer Through their seriousness And it was a clean Goal, now leading Otefe guys with a goal 3-2.

The match start with a lot of pressure form the otefe guy but unfortunately the Ozoro boys Score another goal but pity The referee blow the whistle and was out Side, the otefe guys score a nice goal and jubilation round the Field by the otefe guys because it their dream to take the trophy home, the game now draw 3-3

The football match started with good passing by the Ozoro Boys and the time was running faster, it just 3minute to end the game and their passing was like magic, the match was becoming hard and wow the Ozoro boys kick hard and score the last game with jubilation from fans around the stadium, Good news for the Ozoro boys as the final whistle was blow,.

The football match finish and count as DSPZ 4 Vs 3 DSPO.

The jubilation by all Dspz student rounded the field with winner Song by the DJ.

The sug Official gave the Athletic their price, followed by the Footballer.

The third polytechnic was giving medal ogwashi-Ukwu then followed by the second position Otefe Oghara and the winner of the game was called for their Medals Ozoro.

The event ended with vote of thanks by the Sug President (Wiska Anthony Akpojotor)
Check the video Below

We could not upload the full Vidoes kindly enjoy the little we upload.

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Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro Cultural Day Update



What a wonderful day at Ozoro polytechnic as they are performing their Cultural Day, as it is our duty to bring you the latest update and all event happening at Ozoro Polytechnic.
Today’s event was a colourful one as different cultural groups dressed in their attires to show of the beauty of their culture, as you all know, that Nigeria Culture is one aspect of Nigeria that can not be overlook, that why it is also the sole aim of any good President to preserve our culture, which is why in most schools there is always a specific day set aside for different cultural groups to show of/display their their culture through their dance, dressing etc, and ozoro group is no exception.

The Urhobos being one of the first cultural group to show of, dance out with their attires to showcase their culture through their dance and songs, in fact they stole the show as they match out with their dancing steps and spirit moving songs.

I have heard a lot about their dances, i have the opportunity to see it my self to day and i most confess, they were really good,

Another wonderful cultural display was that of Edo, they did not do more of dancing, but their dressing were superb, i have not seen Edo culture before, but today it was as if i was in Edo.

In fact, to the extent that, they have to dressed someone that look like like their king, infact their entry to the stage made every one present to give them standing ovation.

The Cultural day was brighten the more when the Igbos showed up, to display their culture, as we all know that the igbos are well known for their dancing abilities, you need to come and see, as they lineup to with their banners at the front to greet the SUG President, it was wonderful indeed.

In summary the event was really a colourful one, and like a sweet dream i dont want to wake up from, when i think of the way the different cultural groups were entertaining and stealing the show. No wonder they say work no play make jack a dull boy.

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